Very Delayed Album, and Some Thoughts

This collection of Cult of the Yellow Sign gospels actually came out last year – I delay releasing these things on my personal website so that there’s less of a chance of people seeing us play for the first time tracking me down with a quick google search. It’s better if you believe.

I wrote No Longer Sleeping, Wormz, and The Summoning as a sort of triptych envisioned as a break-up album from an antediluvian entity to mankind upon our successful enacting of the unholy rite that would summon it. That rite was destroying the earth’s oceans, fields, and forests, and it was an accidental swipe-right.

I wrote those songs at a particularly weird time – a year and change ago it seemed like there was absolutely no hope that people would take action regarding climate change. I wrote the three songs in a much more mature way than, say “A VAMPIRE SKULL” from the first COTYS record. At the time of the early COTYS material, it still seemed funny to me to be a fake doomsday cult preaching mankind’s self destruction. At the beginning of 2018, it began to feel less funny to me, on stage, screaming about the end of the world. It all felt too real.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t still feel real now- the end of the world as we know it looms before us in the form of top-heavy corporations desperate for another golden (pre-labor law industrial) age of limitless profits, all too willing to scourge the earth and its peoples to choke another golden egg out of that goose.

Despite that, the motivation of young people today to take action and ignore naysayers and bullies, to attempt to bring attention to how we teeter on the caldera of doom makes me feel less hopeless.

Maybe I’ll make more Cult music, maybe I won’t. I’m really getting into Dungeon Synth.



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