Kevin M. Flanagan

A new piece of mine published, this time in Horror Sleaze Trash. Please take a read there!

Horror Sleaze Trash


It didn’t matter to Tyke or Scab that the cure for the diseasethat decimated humankind was unaffordable to average Americansat the time of the outbreak. They also didn’t care that thebuilding they were both standing in was once Phoenix City Hall.What did matter to both of them, standing in the dusty ruins, was the single bottle of the aforementionedmedicine found in a rotting desk drawer. Scab pondered the filthy bottle of neutral-colored fluid’slabel, which read “Chimerizine” in perfect sans serif Arialletters.

She was called Scab not because her entire body was coveredin scab-like growths or because the elders were particularlyclever. She was called Scab because she was covered inscab-like growths and also regularly oozed. Tilting her head toget a better look at the bottle’s label caused her wispy blondewig to shift clumsily.

Reclined in a high back chair that once held the posteriorof the Mayor of the City of…

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