A sample of my flash and short fiction writing.

At Risk

A support group for people with a particular issue faces realities that cannot stay hidden in the dark of the meat locker.


Written for the Exposition Review “Flash 405” contest. (External Link)


A short story of love and restaurants in post-zombie-apocalypse coastal Arizona.


A man’s car breaks down on the highway cutting through the Sonoran Desert. He decides to follow through with his terrible plans for the night right there.


A woodworker in a small Japanese hamlet deals with an impetuous spirit that has taken hold of a familial keepsake.


A woman copes with a handgun’s sad legacy in a very hands-on way.

“Buried Bottles”

A professional diver finds a tremendous treasure where it is least expected.

“The Treasure of the Arama Maru”

An entomologist and his associate travel to a remote site in Peru in search of a particular treasure.

“Love and Dread”

A supervillain finds that cruelty cuts both ways at a speed dating event.

“Diane Remained”

A lonely apocalypse.

“Among the Witches”

In World War II, a group of Soviet women between the ages of 17 and 30 dropped bombs from fragile cropdusters on the Nazis by night. The Germans called them “Die Nachthexen.”


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