Musical projects I have been involved in.

The Bodega Porch

The Bodega Porch is the culmination of many improvised and spontaneous jams on a porch in the Roosevelt Row arts district of Phoenix, Arizona. Over time, a core group of musicians formed and I was lucky enough to be included. “Wednesday Night” is the first record released by The Bodega Porch.

The Cult of the Yellow Sign

I am lucky enough to be the mortal organizer for the Cult of the Yellow Sign. The Cult is a group of doomsday cultists who worship a pantheon of extradimensional terror gods and make ends meet by playing black astral goatwave thrash music. They are my masters.

For some completely idiotic reason I never linked the last Cult of the Yellow Sign album. I think by now you’d have to be pretty unobservant to have not figured out this is my band. It goes on hiatus (torpor) for a few years (centuries) every couple years (eons). The longest running block of consistent membership was from 2013-2019.


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